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Up Theory
Concierge Training for the Fit Life

Are you ready to start living your best life?

Up Theory is here to make that simple. We've created unique approach just for you to making a living fit life easy.  We break everything into bite size pieces, help you nutritionally and guarantee the best in training.



See here...

First we teach you our special tricks, like how to Master your Morning. We have so many awesome combinations that we're sweating just thinking about them.

Fresh Body

Exercise Cocktails







   BBY (Ballet, Boxing, Yoga) Yeah, we know, a delicious combo to make you feel high on life.

   CORE Perfect for any type of athlete, person who has a spine and walks and breathes life.

Level 1 Weight loss Core, Functional

Level 2 Cardio, balance and more



Level 3 Go deeper, get fit, we got you.

Level 4 A fun flow of advanced moves for fit folks






Because we want to keep our branding private, we're not going to reveal too much here. Schedule for a session now!


"If you have a body, you're an athlete. Life is a sport, every goal or dream requires a little sweat and a little strength."


01 Sweat it Up

SWEAT: Strength + Energy = Positive Life

We help you like sweating, oh yes and we also help you set a Short Term Goal and Long Term Goal, that way you stay uplifted about exercising and prevent plateaus. We have 40 foundational movements, and four levels from beginners to advanced, that way you don't get injured and get results. And if you'r wondering, yes, we're all about having fun too!


02 Up Energy

Up Theory Nutrition 911

Learning how to eat and cook healthy is 70% of living a fit life, and you know you feel more energized when you eat healthy. So we want to make eating healthy easy, with fresh guidance and recipes. And when you're eating healthy delicious foods, full of nutrients you gain energy for living your best life.  We make this easy for you.


03 Up Mind

The Up Meditations

We're revolutionizing what it means to be fit, we're more than a strong body, we teach a simple seven step series of meditation. If you have always wanted to meditate, you know its good for you but was unsure of how to begin, I've got you.


"What you do to the body, you do to the mind, life follows."


Private Yoga

We are so excited to release our Private Yoga Series. Three Levels of Classes

L1 The Top 20 - Twenty of the most basic and feel god yoga exercises that you could stay at this level forever if you wanted.

L2 The Rise Five - An introduction to the five different types of yoga. Kundalini, Iykingar, Ashtanga, Hatha and Vinyasa with added meditation for an all around Up feeling.

L3 The Pinnacle 100 - The Pinnacle 100 - Once you reach this level our yoga teachers will develop a sequence for you depending on how you feel or what you need that day using 100 moves to benefit your body from any of the yogas.


We have a thing for levels....they're just so scrumptious.

(Read my secret story here about my first love of levels)


04 Stretch

Stretch Yourself

Did you know that a tight muscle is also a weak muscle.You need to stretch, and when we say stretch we mean you living your best life, so we also mean stretch your vision. Not only do we end each session with a personal 5-10 minute stretch we get you pondering the meaning of your life...We actually care.


05 Authentic Living

Living it Up

The point of being fit is really about being able to live fully, what does that look like to you. Well, when you sweat and go within, something magical happens.


06 Soul Fit

Soul Fit is last but not least, it's the full à la mode. Living with heart, we have ways to get you there, its goooood.