Nutrition Made Simple

Nutrition is 70% of the Fit battle, we make it easy for you, with in-home chefs and in-home classes, you can choose the best option for you.

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Shopping Chef

Have our Fit Chef prepare a healthy weekly menu for you and take care of the shopping, once a week.

Just Dinner 5 a week $240

2 Meals a day

3 Meals a day

Each additional person $55

**Good for busy singles and families**

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Food makeover

If you're trying to get healthy, you need the Food Makeover. Designed to revamp the way you eat and teach you how to cook and think healthy. 

In home class and food prep $455

Each additional person $55


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Learn how to Meal Prep

Learn how to meal prep yourself with this one time class designed to teach you how to balance macros and prepare your weekly regiment.

4 Hours $455 including weeks food plus lesson