Glute and Leg Workout 6/18/18


Booty Workout


Roll out legs
5 min warm up
15xHip Bridges on bench (back on bench, put weight on pads, beginner 20 lb. bar up to 180 lb. for advanced or more)
30 Walking Lunges with curl and press (weight I’m using 10lb.)
(I do this 4x, switching back and forth)

Band walks (walking across floor and back 2x until major burn in side glutes)
15 x each leg Cable Kickbacks (lower cable to floor, place ankle strap around ankle and kick back with leg)
4 sets

Deadlifts and high row 15x (I’m using 100 lb.
Ballet lifts front side back 20-30x
4 sets

Bosu cross-over-cruches - 20 each side (back on bosu, hips 1-2 inches off ground, hands behind head, bring right elbow to floor them to left knee, repeat 20x then do other side)
Plank Walks (on forearms step side to side) 1 min

Do you need pics? Most exercises you can look up! :)


Nicole Rijelle